Gorgeous Places That Will Disappear From The World Map By 2050


Gondola at the water canal of Venice in Italy

Islands, mountains, corals and cities – nature’s fury won’t spare any of them. The beautiful places which please and comfort you, might not be there for the next generation to see! In fact, some of them will be gone in another 15 years only.

Don’t believe us? You will! In fact, you will be disheartened to know that some hauntingly beautiful landscapes and countries—some of them even your favorites—are among places that will disappear by 2050. They are at the verge of completely vanishing from the world map, which means you must plan a trip to these places now – just to say goodbye, if nothing else!

1. Majuli Island In India

Might disappear by: 2030

1. Majuli Island In India

Might disappear by: 2030

Majuli Island in India which was once the largest river island in world

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The once largest river island with a stretch of 1200 sq km, Majuli Island is now less than a miserable 400 sq km. Disastrous flooding and massive erosions have led to the submerging of the island. Don’t miss this melt-pot of Assamese culture and stunning beauty. It might just be a mention in the books very soon.


Maldives In Indian Ocean

Might disappear by: 2035

Beautiful Maldives in Indian Ocean

3. Glacier National Park In Montana

Might disappear by: 2030

Bird Woman Waterfall at Glacier National Park in Montana

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These enchanting glaciers might not be there in next 15 years. They have decreased from a huge 150 to a dipping 25 in last 80 years. As per researches, it could be completely gone in the next 15 years. Such a loss of beauty!


The Great Barrier Reef In Australia

Might disappear by: 2030

Colorful corals at Great Barrier Reef in Australia

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The size of this world’s largest coral reef has decreased by more than 50% of its original size. Now imagine these vibrantly colorful corals suddenly turned white. Phew, such a grief it would be. Visit before we lose it completely in the next 15 years.

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